Production for Consumer Electronics

Printed Board Assemblies are one of the most important components in all known electrical devices and are used in nearly all electronic consumer products. Millions of people worldwide rely on electronic devices and will only increase demand as we get ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0). Electronics have become a part of people lives, from mobile phones to computers to mirowaves and even coffee makers - most of these home appliances and entertainment systems have a circuit board within them. 

The increasing demand for PCB's and other electronic production techniques means that manufacturers all over the world must ensure they are producing quality product, on time and within budget. 

All operations at Pulsar Manufacturing are in the UK, with easy access to key motorways and efficient lead times on all products and process, we are committed to providng the perfect solution to our customers innvoation on time and within budget. Our business is committed to intense quality control procedures and ensures that each board is thoroughly checked via various techniques. 

Pulsar Certifications