Environmental (Power Saving)

Production for Environmental Technologies 

There is an increasing awareness of our environment, and the vital resources we use are running out. As a result, there has been a conscious shift towards more power saving/renewable energy - energy that is collected from renewable resources that are naturally replenished. 

Some of these renewable energy sources include things like solar power and wind turbines, products in which PCB manufacturing has a significant impact. 

PCB technology is playing an increasingly important role in renewable energy sources. Control systems and monitoring requirement powered by modern PCB designs enable agronomists, forestry services and water conservation groups and companies to track the climate change and environmental conditions globally. There is an increasing shift towards solar energy, that is made possible through the use of cost-effective and reliable PCB assemblies - These assemblies will play a critical role in making the shift towards solar energy possible globally. 

LED lighting requires a significantly less amount of energy compared to older technologies and custom and highly-technical circuit boards play a significant role in LED lighting panels. 

Global Positioning Systems (GPS devices) all require PCB boards to be able to function. GPS devices allow the transportation industry to save significant amounts of energy through providing the most effective route to a destination - PCBs contribute to huge energy savings through the use of GPS technology. 

Pulsar Manufacturing is dedicated to bringing the most energy efficient and technology advanced solutions to market for our customers. Ensuring minimal wastage from manufacture, right through to ensuring the functionality of the PCB helps to enable the continued shift to a greener world.

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