Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) 

What is AOI?

Automated Optical Inspection, AOI, is a key technique used in the manufacture and testing of electronic printed circuit board assemblies, (PCBAs). AOI enables fast and accurate inspection of electronic assemblies and in particular PCBAs to ensure that the quality of products leaving the production line is high and the items are built correctly and without manufacturing faults. 

How does AOI work?

AOI uses advanced optics and algorithms to inspect printed circuit boards for defects. By programming a high-quality scan of an already completed board into the system, it is able to automatically compare any new boards which pass through the system against this master board. This analysis is done by processing software built within the AOI system.

Is AOI better than visual inspection?

Modern Circuit boards are becoming increasingly more complicated, this complexity means that visual inspection is not always a viable option on certain assemblies. This is where AOI comes into the spotlight. The system is able to detect incorrect components, missing components, solder joint quality, solder shorts and incorrectly placed components. As such they are able to perform all the visual checks performed previously by manual operators, and far more swiftly and accurately.

Why choose Pulsar Manufacturing?

A trusted UK PCB assembly manufacturer, Pulsar Manufacturing are committed to ensuring that all products produced at our Essex factory are to the highest possible standard. Being ATEX, UL and ISO9001 certified ensures that we consistently meet quality standards and strive to achieve an open communication channel with all of our customers.

Automated Optical Inspection is a part of Pulsar Manufacturing's standard operating procedure and all surface mount built Printed Circuit Boards are given a thorough AOI prior to moving onto the latter stages of assembly. 

Unsure if AOI is for you? Get in touch and one of our team will be glad to help.

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