Conformal Coating

Conformal Coating

What is Conformal Coating? 

Conformal Coating is the process of applying a thin polymeric film to a PCBA. Typically applied at 25-250 μm thickness, its purpose is to protect electronic circuitry components against moisture, dust, chemicals, and temperature extremes. Conformal Coating is now considered a standard practice in PCB assembly and is applicable across a wide array of different industries. 

How is it applied?

Coatings can be applied in a number of ways, including brushing, spraying - or selectively coated by a robot. The conformal coatings contain a fluorescent dye which although is clear to the naked eye, becomes visible under Ultra-Violet lighting. This not only helps our specially trained technicians apply as per the engineering drawings but also helps to aid in coating coverage inspection.

Advantages of Conformal Coating

There are many advantages to having your PCBA conformally coated, not only is it a cost-effective way of enhancing the durability of the product, but also has the following benefits:

  • Conformal Coating acts as a barrier to protect against Moisture and Humidity 
  • Environmental stresses on the PCB Assembly are reduced 
  • Increased insulation improves the PCBA's efficiency within extreme environments
  • Protects against dust and chemical contamination 

Why choose Pulsar Manufacturing? 

Our specially trained operators have years of experience under their belts and have not only the knowledge but also the skillset to be able to effectively and efficiently provide a high quality of conformal coating on every product.

With 25 years of experience, the team at Pulsar Manufacturing are well equipped to produce highly reliable quality electronic assemblies. We take pride in being ATEX, UL and ISO9001 certified which ensures the high standard of products we produce. Our team ensure that communication is fast and easy, guaranteeing that our team fully understands the requirements of the project to provide the perfect solution each and every time.

For a site tour, or to explore our conformal coating offerings, please contact us and a member of our team will be glad to help. 

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