PCB Rework

PCB Rework

What does PCB rework involve? 

Rework is the term for the refinishing operation or repair of a PCB assembly, usually involving de-soldering and re-soldering of surface-mounted electronic components (SMD). Mass processing techniques are not applicable to single device repair or replacement, and specialized manual techniques by expert personnel using appropriate equipment are required to replace defective components; ball grid array (BGA) devices particularly require expertise and appropriate tools. A profile controlled infra-red station is used to heat devices and melt solder, and specialized tools are used to pick up and position often tiny components. 

Why choose Pulsar Manufacturing? 

With 25 years of industry experience, Pulsar Manufacturing test and production engineers are all equipped with the experience and knowledge to undertake specialist rework projects. The long lasting and open communication channels we strive to create with our customers ensures that requirements are quickly laid out and easily understood - ensuring that all rework and repair projects are completed to the highest possible standard. 

Being a trusted UK supplier and manufacturer, means quick turnaround times and ensures communication is fast and easy.

Want to hear more about our PCB rework processes? Get in touch and our team will be happy to help. 

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