Box Build

Box Build Assembly

What is Box Build?

Box Build, also known as System Integration or Turnkey Assembly, is the final and crucial phase in PCB manufacturing where the assembled PCB is integrated into a complete electronic system or device. This all-encompassing process involves the assembly of various components such as PCBs, cables, connectors, and mechanical enclosures, resulting in a fully functional and ready-to-use electronic product.

What does our Box Build service include? 

As part of Pulsar Manufacturing's service for the complete build of electronic products, we provide box-build assembly for sub-systems and modules as well as for full product integration into an outer case or metal or plastic case or enclosure. Working with several sheet metal and plastic moulding companies, Pulsar Manufacturing can assist with advising and building the complete unit assembly as well as 3D printing prototypes before tooling costs are incurred in the final design build.

Advantages of Box Build

  • Simplified Supply Chain: Box Build assembly streamlines the supply chain by consolidating various components and assembly processes under a single provider, reducing complexity and lead times.
  • Cost Efficiency: By entrusting the complete assembly to a single partner, you benefit from cost savings associated with streamlined logistics, reduced handling, and efficient coordination.
  • Time Savings: Box Build eliminates the need for multiple suppliers and the associated coordination efforts, resulting in faster production cycles and quicker time-to-market for your electronic products.
  • Quality Control: With integrated testing and quality assurance processes, Box Build ensures that every electronic system leaving our facility meets or exceeds industry.

Why choose Pulsar Manufacturing?

Pulsar Manufacturing takes pride in being able to offer our customers full support from the very beginning of the design process, right through to the final build stages and prototype production. Our communication channels with our clients are always open and transparent so full control over the product and its quality is achievable. We are also ISO9001, ATEX, and UL certified which ensures our products are built to the best standards possible.

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