Production for the Military and Defense industry

The role of Printed Circuit Board assemblies and electronic manufacturing of components in terms of military and defense are often held to a higher standard than other industries because of the significant role they play and harsh conditions they are subjected too on a daily basis. 

Military and defence PCBs can include components for aviation, naval operations, general defense and even space applications. The cutting-edge technology used to run successful military campaigns protecting our shores grows increasingly more complex every day. Military grade printed circuit boards are often subject to high pressures and stress, meaning they require temperature resistant laminates, copper or aluminum and the requirements to PCB manufacturers and electronic component suppliers is often a tough specification to meet. 

The team at Pulsar Manufacturing have nearly 25 years’ experience in contract manufacturing and are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to designing highly complex and reliable PCB's. ATEX certified and with strict and coherent quality control processes in place, helps ensure that the products received by our customers are in line with specifications and approved to the highest standards possible. 

Working with a domestic manufacturer makes the communication open and easy, ensuring that issues are resolves and requirements are met with each product run.

Pulsar Certifications