Printed Circuit Board Cleaning

When cleaning PCB assemblies the primary goal is to remove resin and flux residues from populated boards as well as production related residues caused by handling. Even though in many applications cleaning may not be necessary, in high end applications such as aerospace, automotive, military or telecommunications the use of very specific cleaning agents may be required. 

Pulsar Manufacturing are committed to ensuring our carbon footprint and general business operations benefit the environment around us. For cleaning of Printed Circuit Boards, we use an environmentally friendly aqueous cleaning system to remove active flux residues. Pulsar's washing system efficiently removes resin based, acid based, water soluble, no clean fluxes,  solder paste and general contamination ensuring we meet highly complex and rigorous standards set out by our customers. 

The commitment of the team at Pulsar Manufacturing is to produce competitive, high quality products, on time and within budget. Thanks to our long lasting customer relationships we are ATEX and ISO certified and produce a wide range of products from the most complex Printed Circuit Boards through to high volume sensors