Functional Testing

Functional Testing

Functional testing is typically used to test an electronic assembly performs as it should. This is often referred to as a final quality control test and emulates or simulates the environment in which a product is expected to operate. 

From the very beginning of design stages right through to the final test, Pulsar Manufacturing's test and production engineers take the greatest care from start to finish and can use specially designed test software during the functional test, in order to ensure that all products leaving our factory are manufactured to the highest possible quality. 

Being a leading UK supplier, Pulsar Manufacturing strive to ensure that we have an open communication with our customers so requirements are clear and understood. Clear communication ensures that all customers of Pulsar Manufacturing are able to achieve quick turn around times and receive the highest quality products.

Want to hear more about how our Fuctional Testing will suit your product requirements? Get in touch and our team will be happy to help. 

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